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  • Good Place to Work Spain

    Great Place to Work for All

    September 28, 2023
    Throughout our business we promote a culture based on trust, empowerment & engagement​. By 2030 our aim is for all…
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    International Women’s Day

    September 19, 2023
    There are many benefits to having a gender-balanced workforce, both financial and societal,leading to a better working environment for all.…
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    September 19, 2023
    Through our Sowing Seeds programme, we have been able to talk to students and demonstrate the preparation and planting of…

A Great Place to Work For All

Throughout our business we promote a culture based on trust, empowerment & engagement​. By 2030 our aim is for all G’s businesses to be officially recognised Great Place to Work for All

We believe A Great Place to Work is built upon Trust. This means openness, respect, and teamwork, in a safe, ethical environment.

Our ambition is to build High Performance Teams across G’s, who never stop learning, take pride in excellent results, and in which Leaders are credible and individuals are treated with respect.

G's España 100% GPTW Certified

In December 2022 G’s España as a total business in Spain achieved Great Place to Work certification. The first produce business in Spain to achieve this certification.

All UK businesses participated in the GPTW Survey

In October 2022 all UK businesses participated in the Great Place to Work Survey with six business units achieving certification in the first year.

100% Independent Safety Audited

A Great Place to Work, starts with being a safe place to work. 100% of our businesses have an annual independent Health & Safety audit.

Inaugural MSIN Conference

G’s are a founder member of the Modern Slavery Intelligence Network (MSIN) and in June 2022 hosted the launch of the organisation at
a conference attended by c. 200 members of the industry.

Food Waste

We are targeting 50% reduction in food waste by 2025, in-line with the Courtauld 2025 targets and UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3. Since 2017 we have achieved a 40% reduction in our food waste volumes, measured back to the field.

Precision agriculture techniques and growing enhancements across our farms are enabling us to maximise yields and reduce waste through embracing new technology.

Our teams work closely with customers to optimise specifications to ensure more of the crop is utilised and stays fresher for longer.

When an unavoidable food surplus does occur, we have worked with customers to enhance processes to facilitate redistribution and donations of edible and nutritious produce to those who are most in need.

-40% Reduction

Since 2017, we have reduced food waste back to the field by 40%.

3M Meals Donated

G’s has Leading Food Partner Status with Fareshare and has donated the equivalent of 3m meals since 2017 through our UK operations.

>16,000kgs donated

Our European businesses (Spain, Czech and Poland) partner with Caritas, Bancos de Alimentos and Cuiavia SPOiW.

Regenerative Agriculture & Biodiversity

Over the past eight years we have been developing and testing Regenerative Agricultural practices and our 2030 strategy embeds Regenerative Agriculture across all our farms.

We have defined 6 principles building on the generally accepted principles of Regenerative Agriculture that will underpin all our farming practices.

  1. Minimise Soil Disturbance
  2. Maintain Living Roots
  3. Maximise Diversity
  4. Keep Soil Covered
  5. Integrate Livestock
  6. Recognise Context

Regenerative Agriculture supports the biodiversity habitat management plan by increasing diversity in our fields which are the spaces between our habitats. To improve biodiversity on our farms and landscapes, we will improve our habitats in area, number, quality and connections. 

Farming will be based on regenerative principles

This is an approach to farming which feeds and protects organisms in the soil, which in turn feed plants and maximise their photosynthesis. This heightened biological activity allows farmers to produce the greatest yield at the lowest cost.

Habitats: Quality and connectivity scored mapping across all farms and sites 

Project undertaken by champions to map all habitat features on farms / sites and to score the features on quality, (diversity and condition) and connectivity within the landscape.

Improving soil health is central to regenerative farming

Biological diversity wins! Building a dynamic symbiosis between: plants and microbes, and microbes and microbes. Creating a large diverse and active soil food web. Increasing diversity above and below ground.

Biodiversity Competition

The 1st G’s Biodiversity competition introduced to encourage knowledge transfer between operating sites.

GHG Emissions Reduction

We have set an ambition of Net Zero across our own operations (Scopes 1 & 2) by 2035. This includes all of our own farming operations as well as processing and packing.

We are committed to setting ourselves stretch targets, aligned with science backed 1.5 degree pathways and approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative.

By ensuring the impact on GHG emissions is part of daily business decisions, we are reducing emissions throughout our operations and empower our colleagues to create positive impact on the future of the business and the environment.

Net Zero by 2035

In January 2021, we set our ambition to being a Net Zero business within our own operations (Scopes 1 & 2) by 2035.

Carbon Trust

Through the past year we have worked with the Carbon Trust to complete a GHG inventory of Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions across our operations.

Data captured for SBTi

Through the year we have gathered data from across our businesses to establish our 2019/20 base line. This data was submitted for SBTi validation in August 2023.


Fuel, fertiliser, packaging and transport account for 65% of our emissions. Reducing these emissions will be dependent on technological developments.

A Great Place to Work For All
Food Waste
GHG Emissions Reductions

Our Four Pillars of ESG

In January 2021, we revisited and relaunched our ESG strategy across our businesses under four ESG pillars, aligning with the UN SDG’s where we believe we will have an impact.

The four pillars and our key priorities guide our ESG progress and are used as a management tool to ensure we are making progress against our commitments on an annual basis.

Our Champion Model

Key to enabling G’s ESG programme is our champion’s model.

The champion’s model is a grass roots movement of colleagues from across our businesses who facilitate and support business change and learning focused on our ESG objectives and targets.

Alongside their core roles, our Champions have volunteered to get involved in projects, challenge the status quo and take a positive role in growing our sustainable and inclusive future.

We have over 100 ESG Champions working cross functionally to support our ESG ambitions through networking and knowledge sharing both internally and externally.

Our Journey So Far

2010 to

G’s sustainability commitments managed through a CSR approach and energy reduction KPI


ESG Framework formally launched Champions model introduced


100 ESG champions recruited from across the G’s Group V1 ESG plans developed


Launch of 2030 strategy main-streaming our ESG ambitions.

Focus on GHG emission reductions through establishment of SBTi approved value chain footprint.

30% of colleagues working within GPTW accredited business units

1st Annual ESG Report Published


– Great Place to Work
– Regenerative Agriculture
– Biodiversity
– GHG Emissions Reduction

– Build commitment through the organisation
– Set quantifiable goals
– Build a trackable plan to hold ourselves accountable


TARGET STATE All our businesses are rated Great Place To Work for All. All our farming is based on regenerative principles. We use our seed-to-shelf capability to deliver the highest standards of integrity. We have mitigated 45% of GHG emissions since 2020.

Great Place to Work for All

Sonia Rosique,G’s España HR Director

Great Place to Work for All
International Women’s Day
Sowing Seeds – G’s España